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Argentina, 1992

We were on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, in a slum of Laferrere, where We would be staying for a few months. For us little brothers, this marked our first steps in the land of Argentina. Toward which poor shack should we turn, we wondered? From which of these destitute families ought we beg for our daily bread?

On the dirt road, a woman came to meet us.

– ¡Hola! [1]

And so we dared to ask her. She listened, and no sooner than she had understood our request, she smiled.

– How providential, she said, to receive missionaries in our house, in our home!

How providential: that was her answer, and that was all. With great cordiality, she pressed us to follow her: her house was only a few yards away.

We entered into their main room.  A little girl about ten years old was sitting at the table.  Her mother signalled for her to come and greet us, all the while explaining that these two missionaries were going to stay for lunch. She asked her daughter to run quickly to the corner store and buy what they needed for the meal. They whispered something between themselves that we could not understand, and the child ran out of the room.

When the little girl came back, she was holding groceries in her arms. Her mother hurried to set the table as for a festive banquet, because for her, the coming of these two missionaries was a visit from Heaven. “Thank you for coming to visit us!” How many times, as we ourselves thanked someone, have we not heard those same words spoken by those who welcomed us!

We stayed with them for almost two hours. We spoke a lot about faith in God, about this faith which allows us to remain standing in the midst of daily trials, and of the difficult existence that a family from the slums must necessarily go through. For many months, their father had been unemployed, and the kids had to be fed; the family was having a hard time just surviving. But their mother’s heart could not be shaken. Her faith was great, she relied on the Rock, on God, who is good, very good, and who would not abandon them.

We prayed together, asking God to give in abundance, for superabundant blessings on this family. Then, we left them, profoundly moved and comforted by this mother’s witness of faith, and feeling that we ourselves had been edified, as though built up upon the rock of this woman’s great confidence.

Five, six years went by. We returned to Laferrere, but this time to live there in a little house of our own. One day, we were walking in the neighborhood when a young woman called out to us. She approached us and said,

– Do you remember me? I remember you! Five years ago, two missionaries – they were dressed like you – came by our house. On that day, there was nothing left to eat at home. Mother sent me to buy what we needed for the meal, and she told me to buy it on credit… Then she prepared a feast, and we ate it together. But… what you don’t know is that, after your visit, daddy found some work! And since that day, we have never lacked bread at home!

Yes, we remembered, but we had not known to what extent the mother had shared with us on that day. Like the widow in the Gospel, she had given everything. In a gesture of absolute gratuity. With an immense trust in God’s Providence.

[1] Translation: Hello!

1 Translation: Hello!

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