Mission Stories

“Father, enlighten me!”

Our First Steps in the United States: Kansas City, June 2008 We had been in Kansas City, Kansas, for ten days, and it was very muggy in that early June. We had been working all day long to clean the house where we were to live in a few days’ time; night was falling and […]

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“Sow the seed! Everwhere! And…it’s Jesus who takes care of the rest. You have to trust in the Lord.”

Cardinal Bergoglio, February 28, 2013 Around the end of February 2013, some little brothers and sisters were called from different European fraternities to come together at Santi Quattro Coronati, our house in Rome. Thirty or so little brothers and sisters would thus be able to represent the Community and accompany the conclave with prayer, there

“Sow the seed! Everwhere! And…it’s Jesus who takes care of the rest. You have to trust in the Lord.” Read more.

The Letter

Poland, December 2003 There we were, three little brothers begging for something to eat on the outskirts of a city in Poland, on the western side of that broad country; and none of us spoke Polish. We could hardly even pronounce the few words we knew to ask for something to eat. We had travelled

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New Year’s Day

Vienna, January 2002 January 1st, feast-day of Mary, Mother of God That morning, the streets were deserted; a sort of languor seemed to have descended upon the whole city. On the sidewalks and even right in the middle of the street, lay countless shards of broken bottles. All night long, there had been nothing but

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God blesses

Argentina, 1992 We were on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, in a slum of Laferrere, where We would be staying for a few months. For us little brothers, this marked our first steps in the land of Argentina. Toward which poor shack should we turn, we wondered? From which of these destitute families ought we

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Fraternity of the Holy Face

Our First Steps in Spain: Barcelona, 1986 During one of our first missions, we saw a homeless woman, all curled up, sitting on the steps in the square. We tried to go over to her, but with one hand the woman hid her face, and with the other, she gestured for us to go away.

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