The Vocation of a Little Monastery

Lights of the Gospel in the Heart of the World

Little, low houses, conforming to the Gospel in every way, radiating the humility and poverty of Our Lord Jesus Christ, designed simply and modestly, with a central chapel open to all.

The vocation of a little monastery of the Lamb is to be a place where the Love of God can shine through, where we are called to go from darkness to light, to live in peace and brotherly love.

Built in the heart of cities or in the solitude of the countryside, the little monasteries are a place of monastic life, prayer and silence for the Community, a place of formation for the little brothers and little sisters, where each is nourished by the Word of God.

The little monasteries are also, for all those who pass by, a break along the road, a place where one is welcome: a source of living water, so that all together, rich and poor, we can come to know the joy of the Gospel.

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