Mendicants in the Heart of the Church
“I bless you Father for revealing these things to little ones¹…”

A New Branch on the Tree of the Order of Preachers

The Community of the Lamb was founded in France by little sister Marie. On December 17, 1981, Bishop Michel Kuehn of the diocese of Chartres officially recognized the foundation of the Community. On February 6, 1983, the Community was welcomed in the archdiocese of Perpignan by Archbishop Jean Chabbert. On July 16, 1983, Father Vincent de Couesnongle, the Master of the Order of Preachers at that time, recognized the Community of the Lamb as “a new branch on the tree of the Order of Preachers”.

Today the Community is made up of more than one hundred and sixty little sisters and around thirty little brothers from various countries. The little brothers and little sisters have a common resolve in life and at times gather together for liturgical prayer. Their daily life, however, is separate.

Since 1996, Cardinal Christoph Schonborn o.p., archbishop of Vienna (Austria), has been the bishop responsible for the Community.

When Pope Francis was Elected

In 1994, Bishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio invited the little brothers and sisters to found small fraternities in Buenos Aires. And so twenty eight years on, we are still counted among the sheep of his flock. He truly knows each of them by their name, for two days after his election he called all of the little brothers and sisters of the Lamb who were in Rome, with Cardinal Christoph Schönborn to Santa Marta. It is truly a joy to share with you the fatherly encouragement and affection that he poured out on us that day: “Thank you for what you do in the Church. John Paul II and Benedict XVI have emphasized: more than teachers, what are needed are witnesses. You have a great capacity to be witnesses. It’s pure grace. Hold on to that. The testimony of your life, through prayer, the liturgy, begging for your daily bread, hitch-hiking; it’s a testimony of poverty and joy. That’s why people love you, and I want to thank you very much for this.” (Pope Francis – March 15th, 2013) The exchange that ensued is engraved on our hearts of “children of the Church.” It resounds today as an evermore urgent call to live the Gospel… “the joy of the Gospel!” May his blessing be upon each and every one of you.

¹ cf. Mt 11:25

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